Over the past 30 years, Scenic Spectrums has been at the leading edge of Scenic Resource and Visual Impact Assessment in Australia. This experience is directly transferred to Geoscene, which brings additional capabilities in geographic information system (GIS) analysis and mapping of the terrain, landcover, and viewing zones, along with 3D computer simulation of existing and proposed development (buildings, wind turbines, electricity and microwave towers and lines, roads, mining, etc.). 

We have our own comprehensive assessment procedures, modified and refined from the U.S. Forest Service Visual Management System. We are also highly familiar with and can apply the U.K. and European-based landscape and visual impact assessment (LVIA) techniques.  Our procedures have been applied to everyday urban and rural landscapes, to coastal and alpine landscapes, to underwater landscapes, and to National Park and World Heritage Area assessments. World View - Local Action.

We objectively assess the existing scenic values, landscape character and significance. We identify the range of desirable visual performance criteria against which visual impacts are assessed and landscape development and amelioration guidelines are recommended. We have recently assisted the NSW Dept. of Planning & Environment in receiving the NSW PIA Award for Excellence for improving planning processes and practices in the area of wind energy planning.

Our computer simulation and photomontage methods allow the generation of various design and visual scenarios for evaluation prior to final development decisions are made. Our brilliantly realistic “before and after” images provide the perfect format for community and stakeholder consultations and public perception surveys. 

Example Projects

  • Scenic Assessment Procedure for Australian Rivers
  • Visual Effects Assessment of the Taralga Windfarm Proposal 
  • NSW Wind Energy Framework - Visual Assessment Procedure
  • Scenic Perceptions of Port Phillip Bay Underwater Landscapes
  • Visual Effects & Simulations – Crookwell II Wind Farm Proposal
  • Visual Impact Assessment of the Cairns’ Trinity Inlet Bridge Proposal
  • Scenic Qualification of Wulong Three Natural Bridges and Furong Cave: South China Karst World Heritage Area (Chongqing, P.R. China)
  • Visual Impact Assessment of Hazelwood Coal Mining Proposal (Morwell)
  • Visual Effects - Goulburn Valley Highway Transport Corridor (Shepparton)
  • Visual Impact Assessment of Dartmouth Reservoir and Dam Alterations 
  • Scenic Assessment of the Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area 
  • Visual Effects & Simulations for Hotham Alpine Village Redevelopment
  • Peer Review of Abbott Point Coal Terminal Landscape Impact Assessment
  • Visual Impact Assessment of Proposed Ski Lift Facilities and Commercial Buildings at Mount Hotham, Falls Creek, and Perisher Ski Resorts
  • Visual Impact Assessment & Simulations: Brunswick to Richmond Power Line Assessment (Melbourne)
  • Visual Impact Assessment and Rehabilitation Plan for Timber Harvesting at Mount Donna Buang
  • Visual Effects Assessment and Simulations of the Proposed Shepparton Bypass – Goulburn Valley Highway
  • Visual Effects & Simulations of the Stockyard Hill Windfarm Proposal: Mawallok Homestead and Langi Willi Homestead 
  • Visual Impact Assessment of Proposed High Density Residential Development in the McCabe Street Redevelopment Area (North Fremantle)