Six Minute Surveys offers a refreshingly effective approach for your market research and product demand analysis needs:

  • Market Research & Demand Surveys
  • Customer & User Satisfaction Surveys
  • Stakeholder Attitude and Feedback Analyses
  • Brand, Destination & Environmental Perception Research. 

We use current technology and intuitive questionnaire design to provide you with critical information regarding customer feedback, client satisfaction and user perceptions that assist you to make better decisions for the future. We do this quickly and cost effectively.

We operate on the following six basic steps:

  1. Determine precise client needs, then design & test an effective survey...
  2. Engage participants face-to- face with tablets that allow off-line apps or mobile real-time data collection and analysis...
  3. Keep the survey focused, succinct and flowing...
  4. Survey target markets in accessible locations where participants are receptive...
  5. Apply questionnaires of 6 minutes or less per participant where possible...
  6. Provide clear, comprehensive, survey findings, data and charts.

What if more than 6-minutes are required for certain survey requirements? We offer some options:

  • Survey participants can be invited to extended face-to-face surveys of up to 15-20 minutes;
  • Our surveys can be made available for online responses via an exclusive internet website;
  • Focus group sessions at appropriate locations and times to key market segments. 

Although these alternative survey methods are possible, we again prefer to design them using efficient and relatively short time periods for such survey formats.  

Example Projects

  • Market Demand Survey for Proposed Arts Precinct in Bayside Melbourne
  • Market Demand Survey for Proposed Theme Park Development in Eastern Melbourne
  • Hot Drink Market and Cafe' Customer Survey in Melbourne
  • Satisfaction Survey of Exiting  Exhibition-goers in Melbourne
  • Community Resident Survey: Proposed Hungry Jacks Fast Food Restaurant in Cranbourne
  • Kokoda Track Tour Operator Survey on Interpretation Needs in Papua New Guinea
  • Underwater Scenic Perceptions in Port Phillip Bay: Channel Deepening EES
  • Recreation Facility and Open Space Needs Survey of Keilor Residents
  • Multi-Market Segment Survey of Scenic Perceptions of Northeast Victoria Forest Landscapes 
  • Pre- and Post-Survey of Whitewater Rafting Expectations, Satisfaction and Experiences by English and Japanese Speaking Tour Groups on the Tully River in Queensland (Multi-lingual)
  • Farmers' and NRM Managers' Responses to Key Ecological Principles Applied to Australian Wheatbelt Regions (Focus Group and Online Survey Research by Dr. Dennis Williamson as PhD Research with Deakin University).